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About Us

About FishBiz – FishBiz is an Internet Fishing site selling imported and locally sourced fishing products at the best price possible. no middleman, no fancy packaging and no hassle. We started in August 2006 selling products exclusively on Trade Me with hundreds of very satisfied people. Keep an eye on this site as we are sourcing and adding new products to our range all the time.

Who are we? – We are recreational fisherpersons, most likely just like you, who started out looking for a better and cheaper source of fishing tackle. The thought of paying up to $8-$12 for a single fishing rig and worse still, losing them, ignited the old KIWI notion ‘There’s got to be a better way of doing this!’ and there is, it’s called ‘FishBiz’.

Product Selection – We have carefully selected products that we feel best suit NZ conditions. The rigs are made to our specifications; we have based the selection of products on our own personal experiences, what other people tell us plus what we learn through the fishing news channels. The feedback we receive is also vital in making the right decisions when selecting new products.

Imported Products – Most of our overseas suppliers also supply to those well known brands or other major overseas clients based in USA and Europe who sell their products in fancy packets 3 times the price.

Locally Sourced Products – The products we source locally are still very competitively priced, often 30% cheaper than retail.

Plain Packaging – You will find most of our products come in plain packaging because we choose not to pay for fancy wrapping. This means we do not need to pass on extra costs to you.

Our Pricing Policy – We aim to be 30-70% lower than normal retail pricing on every item. You may find a better price during a ‘sale’ or stock sell out however it will be hard to beat our everyday low prices.

Proclaimed Experts – No not us. We may offer some advice and general guidance however we are not experts. Fishing is a fickle sport at the best of times. Being in the right place at the right time with the right gear are all important factors.

Remember This – A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work!